CFM2ASP, a tool that Converts Coldfusion into ASP (VBSCRIPT)

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Take a few minutes and browse through a Tour of CFM2ASP™:
  If you have already downloaded CFM2ASP you can follow along with your copy. Otherwise notice the screen shots as we step through each feature.
  First we want to see the conversion. All you have to do is open a CFM file and the program will automatically convert it to ASP. There is an option to open a file without converting but we'll get to that later. So the first thing we need to do is open a file by going to the "File menu" and clicking "Open". After opening the file you will have to wait briefly while the CFM is converted. While waiting for the conversion to finish you may be faced with a dialog box like this Screen Shot will appear on the right. If so don't worry, this is what happens when the conversion finds a variable or a function that it isn't sure what to do with. You can choose a type of variable that it is, or select a query that it is part of. Or click skip to wait until the conversion is done to figure it out.Screen Shot will appear on the right

  Now that you have converted your first page you need to know how to save the ASP. It's as easy as selecting the ASP tab and then clicking "Save" in the "File menu". If the CFM tab is selected it will save the CFM code. You will also notice that the ASP filename is automatically filled in by taking the CFM file name and changing the .cfm to .asp this will help you keep the web site organized the same as before the conversion.Screen Shot will appear on the right

  The next feature we will look at is the "Search and Replace" function. CFM2ASP allows regular expression search and replace which can be very powerful if you know how to use it. We will walk though an example but to get the full use of it you may need to read more about Regular Expressions. This function can be found in the "Edit menu". Screen Shot will appear on the right
Notice the enlarged view; if you are following along on your computer enter the Regular Expression that is shown. Under Find put (<.*>) and in the Replace With field put <!-- $1 --> Select "Verify Before Replace" and "Use Regular Expression". Then click GO. If your currently loaded page has any tags on it at all you should now be faced with something like this Screen Shot will appear on the right. Click "Yes" and the <cfquery ...> tag that was highlighted (or whatever tag was highlighted on yours) should now be inside comment tags. Screen Shot will appear on the right. The search and replace function can also be used as an ordinary search and replace that you would see in any text editor but to unleash the real power here you will want to learn about Regular Expressions.Screen Shot will appear on the right

  You also have control over the "Format" of your Code. Notice under the "Edit menu" the Format Code item. This allows you to toggle between left justification and the much more readable formatted code. The Code Formatter by default indents when it finds a Table tag; which includes <table>, <tr>, and <td>. Other tags that are indented for are List and a few other block type tags Screen Shot will appear on the right. Look at the enlarged view for a side by side comparison of formatted and left justified. The Code formatter has several options that you can adjust for your preferred formatting. If Code Formatting is turned on the ASP code will automatically be formatted when it is converted. Screen Shot will appear on the right

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