CFM2ASP, a tool that Converts Coldfusion into ASP (VBSCRIPT)

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CFM2ASP™ is packed with Professional features:
 Convert most CFML tags into VBSCRIPT The most commonly used CFML tags to ASP (VBScript). Currently about 26 tags. sample
 Translate Function Syntax from CFML to VBSCRIPTConverts the syntax of all functions. sample
 Convert variable references from CFML to ASPVariable references. sample
 CFM2ASP includes RegExp search and Replace.Search & Replace including Regular Expression search and replace.
 CFM2ASP editor displays line numbers.Line Numbers for easily tracking down issues.
 CFM2ASP editor allows for multiple steps of Undo and Redo.Muliple steps of Undo and Redo.
 Format your new ASP code for easy viewing.Code Format with several options.
 Customizable syntax coloring.Syntax coloring. You can set your own colors
 Auto indent, just the way you like it.Auto Indent for easier code flow.
 Easily switch from CFML editing to ASP editing Code tabs to easily switch from editing CFML to ASP (VBScript).
 Help system:
 Context sensitive help for easy translation of complex CFML code into ASP (vbscript).Context sensitive help available through "What's This" help.
 Complete help system to describe each feature in detail.Complete Help system to walk you through the features.
  CodeHelp feature describes each CFML and ASP tag,function,statement,constant, and more. CodeHelp feature offers a description of every CFML tag and function as well as VBScript statements, methods, functions, and constants. just right-click and select help to see what the code you are looking at does.
 Online help and tutorial for an easy learning curve.Online Help and tutorials including a FAQ section.
 Easily choose a connection string to connect to your database via ASPASP Database connection string finder. For most common databases through ODBC,OLEDB with standard or workgroup security. Even connection strings for connecting a database over IP address.
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